Small number of ballots yet to be counted in El Dorado County

With approximately 2,220 ballots left to be counted it is increasingly certain that Sue Novasel and Kenny Curtzwiler will advance to the November general election in the race for El Dorado County District 5 supervisor.

The most recent results posted at the end of the business day Tuesday had Novasel still at the top with 2,454 votes (36.86 percent) and Curtzwiler close behind with 2,149 votes (32.28 percent). Jeffrey Spencer remained in third with 1,120 votes (16.82 percent) followed by former Supervisor Norma Santiago in fourth with 916 votes (13.76 percent).

Barring a drastic outcome while counting the final ballots — excluding minor variations, the results have held true since initial results were first reported early Wednesday morning after Election Day — the incumbent Novasel and challenger Curtzwiler appear headed to a rematch of the 2014 race, in which Novasel won with a comfortable margin.

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