Stock Up Now, California. A Lot of Cannabis Is About to Disappear From Stores

Buckle up, California consumers: It’s going to be a wild summer. Industry watchers are expecting to see statewide bargain blowout sales over the next two weeks, followed by immediate product shortages and price spikes.

The cause of the turmoil is the state’s fast-approaching testing and packaging deadline. As of July 1, 2018, all licensed medical and adult-use cannabis must conform to the state’s new testing and packaging requirements, to insure products are clean and child-resistant.

Look out for deals in email newsletters, social feeds and websites. You may find savings of 30% to 90% on flower, edibles, and extracts, with price reductions peaking at the end of June.

June blowouts will be better than Christmas, New Year’s, 4/20 or Memorial Day, said Erick Alfaro, operations manager for The Green Cross, an adult-use retail store in San Francisco. “This would be the best month for anybody trying to save some money and buy

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