Marine vet signs on for medical cannabis

Racked by pain and stress, Gainesville man seeks relief with legal marijuana

Chris Breyfogle remembers when he came to in Haile Plantation — about 10½ miles from the downtown Gainesville bar where small talk about military combat with a fellow veteran triggered a blackout rage.

When Breyfogle, 37, snapped out of it, he was with sheriff’s deputies. Blood dripped down his face. He was tired and confused.

Breyfogle’s friends later said someone had put an arm around him for comfort. The touch took Breyfogle to a different place. He headbutted a man and put another man in an armlock, before disappearing for hours on a walk into the night.

That was years ago.

On a humid April day this year, Breyfogle met with a reporter at a metal picnic table in the Innovation Square district. His blue, collared shirt rested on tense shoulders. Breyfogle wore black polarized sunglasses that he took off only a few times

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