All weed must go: California cannabis businesses brace for new regulations – KGO

A fire sale took place at marijuana dispensaries on Saturday. Strict regulations go into effect July 1 across the state, which means shops had to sell all non-compliant products by the end of business day Saturday.

California is requiring shops to sell only marijuana that has been tested for pesticides, potency and microbiological contaminants.

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Many businesses aren’t happy about the new requirements. Nearly 150 marijuana businesses warned they could face crippling financial losses unless the state extends the July 1 deadline.

In a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, the United Cannabis Business Association said the changes would further unsettle the struggling legal marketplace that launched Jan. 1, potentially forcing businesses to close their doors.

The trade group that represents cannabis companies said there are too few labs to handle the testing, and retailers would have to destroy vast amounts of

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