Is your favorite dispensary out of marijuana? Blame this new state regulation

A newly-enacted state ordinance regulating cannabis products has forced multiple area dispensaries to close while others make do with a limited selection.

Sunday marked the end of California dispensaries’ grace period before new restrictions on THC limits, packaging and labeling took effect. The state Bureau of Cannabis Control mandated the destruction of all improperly labeled or overly strong products by July 1, leading to steep clearance sales at the end of June as up to $500 million worth of marijuana was predicted to be destroyed statewide.

The new regulations were approved as part of recreational marijuana’s statewide legalization in November 2016 under Proposition 64, and required cannabis products to first be tested at state-certified labs starting on July 1 of this year before they can be sold. Such labs can be hard to find and are in high demand, said Shayna Schonauer, the

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