Alberta producer making cannabis oil for ‘green’ beer hitting regulatory roadblocks

An Alberta-based cannabis producer is hoping to grease the wheels of the liquor industry with a little marijuana oil.

Element GP, based in Clearwater County, plans to provide cannabis oil for a line of non-alcoholic beers brewed from barley, and infused with cannabis oil. 

The producer is working with Toronto-based Province Brands of Canada to create the concoction, which they describe as a safer alternative to alcohol. 

Under the new business alliance, Element GP will produce custom cannabis oil for some of these new beers. 

Province Brands heralded the beer — which is still in development with patent pending. They say cracking open one of their cold ones would provide a short-lived buzz similar to an alcoholic beer.

“All Province Brands beverage products will feature its accelerant to shorten the intoxicating onset time

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