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Lifestyle Budget for Thursday, July 5, 2018

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(Editors: The HOME-ONGARDENING and HBY-COMICS columns originally moved Tuesday, July 3.)


^Office napping climbs out from under the desk and into high-tech pods

^WRK-OFFICE-NAPPING:TB—Sleeping on the job has long been frowned upon, but office napping may finally be climbing out from under the desk.

A small but growing number of businesses are encouraging sleep-deprived employees to grab 40 winks during the workday, providing rooms — or, in some cases, high-tech napping pods — to get the job done right. Benefits include a more productive workforce and, hopefully, the end to stealth sales meeting snoozes.

1050 by Robert Channick. MOVED


^To calm dogs spooked by fireworks, pet owners are using treats made from marijuana


... read more at: https://www.heraldcourier.com/community/bc-mct-lifestyle-bjt/article_2d9c49e2-14d4-5534-bd5b-8befa81ed326.html