July Round Up: 10 Cannabis Concentrates for 710

Every culture has its holidays and celebrations. It should be no surprise that in cannabis culture, where the status quo and stereotypes are being turned upside down, that an emerging holiday exists because concentrate connoisseurs wanted to stand 7/10 on its head. Do a dab on July 10th, invert the date and you’ll see the word “OIL.”

So, for July, mgretailer’s monthly round up features some oily, sugary, saucy, bubbly, resinous, budder-y, and crystalline extracts and experiences for your vaping, dabbing, and consuming pleasure. Loaded with cannabinoids and tasty terpenes, cannabis oils and extracts can be consumed medicinally or recreationally in many different ways–all of which promise potent effects:

Bullet-Concentrates_mgretailerBullet-Concentrates_mgretailerBullet Silver Distillate Vape Cartridges–Bullet Silver™ premium strain-specific distillate vape pens provide an ultra-pure, clean vaping experience designed for people with highly refined tastes. Filled

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