Why Recreational Cannabis Markets are Slow-to-Start | EfficientGov

After Massachusetts passed a referendum legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016, the state delayed on implementation of a recreational cannabis marketplace to develop both the legal structure and system that would process licenses on the state level — once certain local requirements are met.

While the anticipated July 1, 2018, recreational cannabis marketplace launch passed, shops aren’t open and making sales yet, for a few reasons.

First, state legislators wanted to study the issue, which resulted in an eight-month delay overall, according to Steve Hoffman, chairman of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) in his recent interview on WBUR Radio Boston.

Second, under the state law, local governments that want to ban recreational marijuana sales must put out the question to voters. Also, if a town or city applies for and is granted a moratorium from the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office, the municipality could have up to a one-year delay on

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