Cannabis Extraction Specialist Sproutly Inc. To Make CSE Debut Next Week

In an industry fast running out of novel and unique concepts to invest in, along comes Sproutly Inc. The world’s first only natural water soluble cannabis distiller will begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) next Monday, bringing with it transcendent technology which could recast the cannabis sector as we know it. We examine whether the hype is justified, or whether Sproutly is just another would-be cannabis unicorn making the rounds.

If you’re not aware of the Sproutly name, that’s perfectly ok. The company hasn’t disseminated much information for public consumption leading up its July 9 IPO listing. There is no million square foot grow facility (by design) or flamboyant management team talking its book. A quick scan on SEDAR displays exactly four filings, and nothing that materially explain what exactly the company does. By design or by happenstance, Sproutly has maintained a rather stealthy profile.

But all of

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