Letters to the editor: July 7

Not everyone a fan of new cannabis law

Put youth first

Regarding the article Burning questions about marijuana legalization (June 30).

We agree serious questions remain unanswered about the upcoming legalization of cannabis.

We recommend The London Free Press pursue the following additional questions with all government leaders.

  • According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF, reported in a recent Globe and Mail article, Canada has the highest use of alcohol and cannabis in the world among youth. How does the legalization of marijuana solve this problem?
  • Why don’t our municipal, provincial and federal leaders use all cannabis tax dollars to implement global best-practices to reduce drug and alcohol use in youth? These best practices, developed in Iceland, are now being rolled out in 29 countries under the Planet Youth brand.

Our priority should be on youth. Any cannabis tax dollars, going to anything else is dead wrong.

Joe Ryder, Brad McGhie

Strathroy and London Project

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