WeWork Hosts Chat with Cannabis Expert Dr. Metzler (Exclusive Story & Photos)

WeWorks Los Angeles hosts Cannabis talk.

WeWorks Los Angeles hosts Cannabis talk. Photo By TroY Tieuel

*Modern-day political voice, cultural and legal expert, Dr. Christopher Metzler looks to inform and educate people on the actual effects and uses for the cannabis plant in a talk hosted at WeWorks’ shared workspaces located inside the MOCA Pacific Design Center.  

The cannabis plant has moved from useful tool to life-destroying menace, to health aid and now has become a cash crop as many around the nation look to cash in on the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis.  Dr. Metzler has positioned himself and his practice as an expert on the subject.

Dr. Christopher Metzler

Dr. Christopher Metzler Photo by Troy Tieuel


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