High Country: The Official High Country Summer Gear Guide

Ah, summer in Aspen. From fresh alpine air to trees glimmering green to rivers running wild, there’s no greater place to get lifted than the great outdoors. Cannabis has long been a conduit between further connecting the mind, body and spirit to nature, but for a lot of visitors, it’s an entirely new experience.

Whether you’re looking for a mental boost, managing sore muscles or upgrading your supply kit, here’s the rundown of the best products for heading out on adventures in high country this season:

PSA: U.S. Forest Service officials announced last week they are immediately moving to Stage II fire restrictions in the White River National Forest, which includes no smoking of any kind outdoors. May I suggest swapping out the smoking when hiking or camping with a vaporizer or edibles? And always be mindful of local laws, your fellow citizens and the environment

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