Jason Lazar: The Hemponair-Cannabis Entrepreneur

The Hemponair: Jason Lazar

The Hemponair is not your typical New York City based entrepreneur, far from really. Jason Lazar is his name and he is certainly a real New Yorker, born and raised. So he knows a bit more than most about the who’s, what’s and why’s of NYC. He works with a substance known as Cannabis. Jason, through his online publication aptly named The Hemponair, offers splashes of up to the minute information in the online Cannabis space. He offers alternatives to the typical media blasts and gets directly to the point of what is the very best way to help spend your hard earned bitcoins and dollars. In a city as massive and as ‘taxing’ as New York City, doesn’t it make sense for the well-heeled gentleman to have an ultra-lux guide all to themselves?

The Hemponair has been there before you did. And

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