Ohio Officials Say No Way They Can Meet September Medical Marijuana Program Deadline

CLEVELAND — As Ohio’s medical marijuana program takes shape, a new organization has formed to boost women participation in the market as entrepreneurs and patients.

Midwest CannaWomen plans to host educational and networking events as well as raise money to send women to industry conferences and training. The nonprofit’s co-founder Christine DeJesus said the medical marijuana industry is a good fit for women, who are often caretakers in their families. 

“Women are making the health care decisions,” DeJesus said. “They tend to be more compassionate and nurturing in general. This is the perfect industry for women’s skills to be showcased and influential.”

DeJesus and co-founders Alicia Reaves and Mia Blanchard-Reed met through their work at the Cleveland School of Cannabis, a state-accredited trade school teaching horticulture and business classes. Female students wanted to know how to connect with other women interested in the industry. The trio formed a nonprofit to take donations and

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