The love drug: can marijuana improve our sex lives?

In India, practitioners of tantric sex incorporated cannabis into their acrobatics as early as 700 AD. In the 1930s, Fusion found, young Russian brides used a mixture of cannabis and lamb fat to reduce the discomfort of losing their virginity.

Today the cannabis industry is willing to attribute almost any positive attribute to the plant. But when it comes to sex, insiders speak with conviction.

A galaxy of strains and edibles purport to enhance sex. The sleek vaporizer brand Dosist offers formulations called Arouse and Passion. The cannabis tea company Kikoko sells Sensuali-Tea.

The most common sex products to emerge with legalization are cannabis-infused personal lubricants, typically made from cannabis-infused coconut oil. They claim to enhance sensation and arousal, when spritzed on to female genitals, and to make women’s orgasms both stronger and more likely.

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