Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Approved for Medical Cannabidiol Manufacturer License

Big things are happening with our neighbor to the north. On June 19, after Bill C-45 (officially, the Cannabis Act) bounced back and forth between both houses of Canada’s Parliament, the Senate approved the Cannabis Act, sending it to royal assent. Shortly thereafter, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’d championed the idea of legalizing adult-use cannabis for years, announced that Oct. 17, 2018, would represent the official waving of the green flag for recreational marijuana in Canada.

Aside from the fact that Canada is set to become the first industrialized country in the world to have legalized recreational cannabis, it’s also on track to add in the neighborhood of $5 billion annually to this rapidly growing industry. Going from a few hundred million dollars in annual sales to billions each year is what’s coerced investors to pile into marijuana stocks.

Looking into the Canadian cannabis crystal ball

But, truth be told, there’s a lot

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