Emergency rules for medical marijuana ban sale of smokeable forms, add provisions on edibles

OKLAHOMA CITY — The state’s Board of Health has approved emergency rules on medical marijuana, with some two specific exceptions.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Board of Health approved emergency rules drafted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health two weeks after Oklahomans voted to approve State Question 788 legalizing medical marijuana.

Under the new emergency rules, smokeable forms of medical marijuana would be banned from sale in dispensaries. According to Interim Health Commissioner Tom Bates, licensed medical marijuana users would still be allowed to use it if it was grown themselves.

“To allow smokeable forms would be a step back as protectors of public health in Oklahoma and certainly reasonable people can differ on that,” Commissioner Bates said.

The board also approved an amendment which would require pharmacists to be on site at dispensaries.

Bud Scott, executive director of New Health Solutions Oklahoma, told News

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