How to Scale Your Cannabis Business in 4 Steps

The following excerpt is from The Staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. and Javier Hasse’s book Start Your Own Cannabis Business. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes Noble | iTunes | IndieBound

This article is part of Entrepreneur’s series on How to Start a Cannabis Business. We seek to promote financial inclusion through cannabis. In previous articles, we’ve looked into numerous aspects of getting into the marijuana industry, including how to convince investors to give you money and ways to overcome the main post-startup challenges. In this last article, we’ll share some advice on scaling cannabis businesses beyond the startup stage.

“In a small startup, everyone in the company kind of fills in where needed,” says Michael Gorenstein, CEO of the Cronos Group, one of the largest marijuana companies in the world with a market capitalization of roughly $1.5 billion. “But as you scale, it’s important to put in a framework that allows you to push down accountability, think about how

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