British Columbia Lines up Legal Cannabis Suppliers

To meet the interests and demands of an evolving and competitive medical market, Arizona cannabis brand Huxton recently launched a premium flower line for the discerning consumers in the company’s patient base.

Huxton’s BLCK line showcases a “glass-to-glass” slow-cured flower product, in which the finest colas of three strains are hand-picked, treated with care and cured for more than a month in large glass jars, according to the company. BLCK was introduced with Huxton’s Green Crack, Cannalope Haze and Wonder Woman strains—the company’s “star performers,” head cultivator Matt LaScala says: “our Clydesdales, for lack of a better term.”

The end result is a picturesque eighth of flower, packaged in smaller glass jars for the consumer—but the process begins, of course, in the grow room.

“Those tops are only selected by either myself or my harvest supervisor,” LaScala says. “They’re not whole-plant harvests. It’s all touch-driven, so it’s just the best tops

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