The New Ethics of Eating Weed

As legalized weed booms and inequality in the industry persists, it’s on 420-friendly consumers to investigate what they’re eating (or smoking, or vaping, or dabbing).

We can all feel it: pretty soon, recreational weed is going to be legal across the country. At this point, 61% of Americans think legalization is a good idea, with the quickly-disappearing Silent Generation being the only ones whose approval is in the minority. In places where it’s legal, it’s become a booming industry: countless strains for every ailment and desire, a slew of wellness products, a candy store-like selection of edibles, and all the paraphernalia to smoke, vape, and dab out of.

Like any other industry in a capitalist economy, the cannabis industry is plainly unfair. In many states where the substance is legal, those with past cannabis convictions can’t legally obtain a license to open a business, even though having a cannabis business

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