5 Questions with Arnold Heckman

1. How should the cannabis industry vet security company prospects?

I would recommend vetting security companies the same as all integral components to running a business and making it successful: banking, hiring, insuring, etc. More specifically, trust, but verify. Many times, gut instinct helps. For a security company, do some research, join trade groups and associations, ask for referrals, interview candidate firms, request a business portfolio, conduct background checks and mandate random drug testing—as in many states, security officers may not be authorized to carry firearms if they consume illicit drugs.

Further, a strong security company is solid on the ground and at the management and ownership levels. Bri-Bet is extremely selective when hiring to support our cannabis clients. We seek and hire employees who have law enforcement or military backgrounds because of their discipline, attention to detail and situational awareness. Continuous employee training programs are a bonus.

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