Need to Know: Juul Dominates Nicotine Vape Market as Regulators …

Photo via Mylesclark96

Will nicotine vaporizers finally break the world’s centuries-old fixation with tobacco, or just create another generation of young people looking for a hit of the same old substance?

Juul, the San Francisco-based vaporizer company with 68 percent of the industry’s market share (and a growing place in popular culture), is adamant that their product can achieve the former; revolutionizing the nicotine consumption industry while prying established smokers away from tar and tobacco. But while sleek design and fruity flavors have recently brought the brand to a $15 billion valuation, government officials and teenage smoking watchdogs have repeatedly questioned the company’s true impact.

Because Juul products are small, technologically advanced, and easily concealable (they’re often compared to USB drives), the vaporizers have become increasingly popular with teenagers. A number of California cannabis producers have also created Juul-compatible THC and CBD pods, but none

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