Pot & Pinball: A Match Made in Arcade Heaven

Las Vegas and San Francisco have museums dedicated to decades of gaming where you can play your way through various machine eras. And since we’d never spark an interest just to leave you hanging, here’s a lively travel list of tested pinball destinations in major canna-markets.

Los Angeles

Pinball Strain Pairing: Green Crack


EightyTwo offers a rotation of 50 classic games, a stellar cocktail list, and serves as an ever-changing food truck stop. 21+ and tournament friendly.

Button Mash

Rocking an Asian-inspired menu and extensive beer and wine lists, Button Mash is 21+ after 9p.m. and takes “house tokens” in lieu of quarters.

The Blipsy Bar

A classic LA dive, this cash-only establishment offers heavy pours, colorful local flavor, and a variety of machines.

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San Francisco

Pinball Strain Pairing: Jack Herer


This 21+ hotspot offers a free play day on the last

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