Will Marijuana Stocks Bloom as US Moves Toward Legalization?

Legalization of recreational marijuana is on the verge of becoming a reality in the United States as nine states have already legalized every kind of marijuana use. Now, the state of New Jersey is making efforts to legalize the same. Additionally, the number of Americans supporting the legalization of marijuana usage in both medical and recreational ways has also increased significantly.

Moreover, on Jul 18, key industry players announced a slew of new expansion announcements ranging from acquisitions to partnership plans. Also, the industry witnessed first ever U.S. marijuana IPO from Canadian company Tilray. So clearly, the marijuana industry is expanding in the United States.

61% Americans Want Legalization of Marijuana

After eight states, California is the latest to legalize the usage of marijuana for recreational purpose. Moreover, Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) has also legalized recreational marijuana usage. In New Jersey, member of the General Assembly, Jamel Holley, has focused on the

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