Trump’s Tariffs Could Jack Up The Price Of Vaporizers

New tariffs on Chinese tech imports are coming down the pipes, meaning your favorite vaporizer may become a lot more expensive.

The Trump administration has proposed a 25 percent tariff on a list of tech imports that includes both vaporizers and batteries, which could see the burgeoning vape sector of the cannabis industry suffer some heavy losses, according to Aaron LoCascio – founder and CEO of Greenlane, one of the most prominent online retailers of vaporizers.

“The proposed tariffs are creating a tremendous amount of turmoil,” LoCascio told Inc. “This could be ugly.”

LoCasico estimates that somewhere between 70 and 90 percent of all vaporizer products are manufactured in China, with places like Canada, Germany and India producing the rest. And while sourcing products from these other countries is possible, the most popular products are all currently made in China.

Sourcing batteries outside of China, however, is nearly impossible. That’s “the biggest concern

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