WATCH: What to know about medical marijuana buds now available in Pennsylvania

First things first: It’s still illegal to smoke weed in Pennsylvania.

But, starting today, residents with any of 21 illnesses that qualify them for medical marijuana will be able to buy dry leaf, or buds, to help alleviate their symptoms.

With smoking prohibited under the medical cannabis law signed by Gov. Tom Wolf in April 2016, patients will have to purchase and learn how to use a vaporizer.

Keystone Canna Remedies in Bethlehem is among the first 16 dispensaries to begin offering dry leaf in addition to the oils, pills, topical applications and other processed preparations available by prescription since February.

Another 12 dispensaries, including Mission Pennsylvania II in Allentown, are due to begin offering buds by Aug. 8, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

“It’s very important that patients discuss with their physician as well as with the pharmacist in the dispensaries what the right form of medical marijuana would be for their

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