How Trump’s trade battles are affecting the marijuana industry

The Trump administration’s imposition of tariffs on China is expected to have a direct impact on several sectors of the marijuana industry – in particular, cannabis vaporizer companies.

Others likely to be affected include:

  • Cultivation operations that want to expand their greenhouse facilities.
  • Growers that need to buy lighting equipment.
  • Brands that purchase packaging from China.
  • Businesses that buy materials made with Chinese-made steel and aluminum, such as extraction equipment.

“If I was in the vape industry or the lighting industry or greenhouse industry, I would be pretty concerned that costs were going to go up as the result of a trade war,” said Kevin Hogan, president and co-founder of Oregrown, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Bend, Oregon.

Here’s a review of the major factors developing around the issue for the cannabis industry.

1. Businesses are anxious their costs could go up because of a trade war.

On May

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