Adult use sales requires both city and state permits

NEEDLES — August 10 is the official date that the marijuana dispensaries and cultivation businesses in the city of Needles can start selling to the California adult-use market.

“After the second public hearing of the adult-use ordinance, when the council approved it, that triggered a 30 day period for the city to get all the paperwork together,” said Rick Daniels, city manager. “It is my belief that during that time the cannabis industry has been applying for their state permit. For them to be able to sell to the adult-use market they not only need the local permits but the state as well and the state permit takes about two months to be approved. So it’ll be a little while until they can start selling.”

On June 26 the city council approved the first reading of Ordinance 606-AC and on July 10 they approved the second reading of the ordinance.

“At first I

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