Hemp stores selling marijuana compound, minus the high, take off. Is this the new vape shop?

Under a green-cross logo, the Hemp Farmacy opened last week in Raleigh, offering up-to-date fruit snacks, caramel chews and drops for under your tongue — all of them containing CBD, one of the molecules that makes up cannabis.

Unlike THC, its counterculture cousin, CBD offers no opportunity to get high, so the Hillsborough Street store doesn’t display any Bob Marley posters or psychedelic tapestries. Rather, Hemp Farmacy resembles the stripped-down waiting room of a walk-in clinic, and its management describes the core customers as trending toward women older than 45, troubled by insomnia or arthritis.

Inside, customers sit in cubicles and choose from CBD in edible, topical and smokeable forms: gummies, honey jars and teas. The staff consultants explain the chemistry behind their products in detail, sprinkling technical terms such as “decarboxylation” and “FAAH enzymes” into the sales pitch. Products here range in price from $40 to more than

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