Medical Marijuana Will Be a Cash-Only Market, with Hassles for All

Oklahoma’s adoption of medical marijuana will be green in more ways than one: Retail dispensaries, processors, growing operations and tax agencies will have to work within a cash-only industry.

With marijuana still illegal at the federal level, businesses involved in medical marijuana won’t have easy access to the federal banking system to move money around. Customers will have to pay in cash at dispensaries and can’t write checks. Employees won’t be able to use direct deposit, instead getting paid in cash. Monthly excise tax remittances will have to be taken in cash to the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s offices in Oklahoma City.

The cash-only marijuana market will raise a host of complications up and down the product’s supply chain – and in an economy that continues to move steadily away from paying with paper bills and coins. Payroll will be an issue. Cash at every level could become a tempting target

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