Reader: Marijuana Is a Gateway Not to Heroin, but Snacks!

Sun rises in the East, says a reader in response to a recent study revealing that while marijuana legalization has led to higher rates of cannabis consumption in Colorado and other states with similar laws, there’s no evidence that it’s fueling abuse of more addictive drugs, including heroin and cocaine.

That’s the conclusion of the report from LiveStories, which specializes in the analysis of civic data. LiveStories founder Adnan Mahmud summarizes the results like so: “We haven’t found any strong correlation that suggests increased marijuana use leads to increases in other substance abuse.”

Readers were quick to respond with examples of what marijuana use can lead to. Says Stan: 

Maryjuwanna is a gateway to snacks!

Adds Jon: 

It’s a gateway drug to some good sleep.

Notes Sarah:

 Gateway to chilling the fuck out.

Suggests Denver: 

It’s a gateway to moving to Denver! GTFO.

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