Move over gummy bears. Soon, you can drink weed in Canada.

Marijuana becomes legal Oct. 17 nationwide in Canada. Molson Coors is just the latest and one of the largest companies to announce it’s creating a line of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beverages to be sold in Canada. Terry Lake is the vice president of corporate responsibility for Hydropothecary, a Quebec-based marijuana producer.

Even though marijuana will be legal, edibles and drinkables will need to be regulated and consumers shouldn’t expect to see anything on shelves for another year.

The World: So what exactly is cannabis beer? How much marijuana content, how much alcohol content is in it?

Terry Lake: Well it’s a really important question because a lot of people have confusion around this, Marco. There will be no alcohol in these cannabis-infused beverages. So, I think we need to make that clear right from the start. Where there may be drinks that taste like beer, like a dealcoholized beer. This will be

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