What Can the Global Cannabis Industry Expect From Canada’s Extract Market?

To pass state-mandated pesticide testing and ensure that their products are safe for sale and consumption, it is advantageous for cultivators to understand the common regulations and science behind pesticide use and testing.

With states like California and Colorado recently rolling out new testing regulations, growers must understand pesticide testing not only in instances where they may use pesticides on their own crops, but also in cases where a facility’s previous owner has sprayed pesticides that left traces behind.

Charlotte Peyton, vice president of business development for Stratos, a line of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products based in Pueblo, Colo., has 30 years of experience in analytical chemistry and has worked at Zinca Ag, an agricultural chemical company, where she conducted research and development and generated data for EPA registration of the company’s products. Here, she shares insights to help cultivators better understand pesticide testing in cannabis.

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