Why are so Many Baby Boomers Turning to Medical Marijuana?

As the pharmaceutical industry and cannabis business continue to coalesce, an increasing number of senior citizens are seeking alternative pain treatments.


Gray hair fills Jason Mitchell’s office. When he peers into his waiting room, he sees grandparents with walkers, canes and other indicators of chronic pain.

Mitchell isn’t a geriatrician—he’s not even a physician. He’s the general manager of Keystone Shops’ medical marijuana dispensaries in Devon and King of Prussia, where more than half the patients are over 55.

And that surprises Mitchell, who’s no stranger to the marijuana business. He spent almost a decade in Colorado canna-businesses, working his way from bud tender to management positions. But his Pennsylvania patient population is different. “I’m shocked at the volume of really sick people,” says Mitchell. “They’re in so much pain, and everything they’ve tried over many years hasn’t provided relief. There’s an enormous need

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