Cannabis Control Commission closing in on lab licensing

State regulators are preparing to put one of the most significant roadblocks to the rollout of the non-medical marijuana industry in the rearview mirror later this month.

The Cannabis Control Commission could license the first independent testing laboratory at its next meeting, the agency’s executive director said Thursday, an approval that could clear the way for already licensed marijuana retailers to begin selling to non-medical patients.

The CCC has 95 completed applications awaiting its review, Executive Director Shawn Collins said Thursday, including applications from two independent testing labs. Collins said he is “relatively confident” the commission will be asked to consider at least one of those applications when it meets next, in two weeks.

“We’re actively engaged with each application. If additional information is necessary or if clarification may be necessary, we will engage in that conversation with the applicants. That’s kind of where they stand as of now,” Collins said. “That review

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