From the comments: Readers discuss the legal ramifications surrounding legal marijuana and how to best battle wildfires

Today’s comments focus on legal issues surrounding the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada and how to best battle wildfires. The comments selected either offered informative advice or asked thoughtful questions.

From, CBSA stays quiet on how travellers should answer questions about cannabis at U.S. border, documents reveal by Mike Hager and James Keller

It’s really simple –

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1) Don’t carry any cannabis across the border in either direction;

2) If the agent tries to catch you up – “Have you ever tried marijuana?’ just answer “no.” Period. In the face of an unjust law and bad consequences, it is morally permissible to lie. Now, that said, it is an offence to lie to a Customs agent – both lying and past cannabis use are grounds for permanent exclusion from the US of A. So, good luck! – divadabz


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