Charting Pot’s Future: BDS Analytics Provides Data-Driven Look at the Cannabiz

The data is mostly sold to cannabis companies who use it to make business decisions such as what products to stock on the shelves, but also provides benchmarks for cannabis markets all over the country.

While the data mostly benefits businesses, it has a sort of symbiotic benefit to consumers.

Co-founder and president Liz Stahura said dispensaries can use the data to stock their shelves with what customers purchase the most (and hopefully like), but it also acts as a check on some brands’ claims, like being the largest or fastest-growing retailer in a certain region. BDS has the numbers to vet those claims.

BDS has used its data for political purposes on occasion. When Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2015, BDS argued publicly against claims that edibles made up as much as 46 percent of the state’s medical marijuana market, saying it was actually 15 percent.

BDS founder Roy Bingham started the company

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