Sacramento to prioritize cannabis applicants in some zip codes

Sacramento is moving forward with a new program to help ensure that the city’s growing marijuana industry benefits the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The city council unanimously approved the Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment Equity (CORE) program, which focuses on zip codes with the highest rates of marijuana-related offenses to offer individuals and businesses incentives to become part of the cannabis industry.

According to the Sacramento Police Department Crime Analysis Unit, nine zip codes — compromising eight neighborhoods — showed disproportionate rates of cannabis-related arrests between 2004 and 2017:

  • Downtown (95811)
  • Land Park (95818)
  • Oak Park (95817)
  • Parkway Meadowview (95823)
  • Del Paso Heights South (95815)
  • Florin Perkins (95826)
  • Fruitridge (95820)
  • Elder Creek (95824 and 95828)

People who live — or have lived — in these zip codes have an opportunity to receive financial assistance and mentorship to start their own cannabis business.

Eligible individuals must meet one of three

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