Study Shows Most People Don’t Care if You’re Vaping Weed in Public

We’ve called hash vaporizers the brown paper bags of toking in the past, but a new study shows that hash pens aren’t fooling anyone: People just don’t care. According to a survey of over 1,000 adults, vaporizing cannabis in public isn’t that big of a deal to most.

Sober living website asked over 1,000 adults ranging in age from eighteen to 78 for their opinions about vaping weed in public, and their responses should make you feel better next time you’re plugging away at that hash pen while waiting for an Uber.

Around 94 percent of cannabis users said they wouldn’t care if they noticed someone vaping in public, according o the study, while 76 percent of non-users said they felt the same. And even if the respondents didn’t like seeing you puff those skunky clouds, they would be unlikely to narc: Just 4 percent of

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