Want Safer Bets When Investing In Cannabis? Invest In Beer And Pharmaceutical Companies


Investors looking to cash in on the legal cannabis industry have been somewhat perplexed for the past few years over which pot stocks to throw their money into without assuming the kind of risk that can lead to frequent panic attacks, stroke and sudden death. After all, everyone from those blue-collar workers trying to earn a few extra bucks for retirement to the green-eyed sharks that buy and sell corporations like an eBay deal is just trying not to lose it all. So investing without ending up on life support or in an early grave is always the preferred method, regardless of how much cash is at stake.

It can be somewhat confusing when trying to figure out the best possible investment opportunities in the cannabis space. The United States government still considers the herb a Schedule I dangerous drug, so there is a degree of uncertainly surrounding the U.S. market.


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