Will Trump’s Tariffs Impact the Cannabis Industry?

As President Donald Trump escalates his trade war, many industries are finding out, rather painfully, how it affects their bottom line. Element TV Company, Coca-Cola, and soybean farmers are among those already impacted by the new tariffs. Other companies and industries are now starting to feel the crunch, with cannabis possibly being next.

Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods are particularly worrisome for the cannabis industry. Many of the components in vaporizers and other technology used in the industry are imported from China.


“Unfortunately, the entire industry will quickly be affected by these tariffs, from the manufacturers down to the end user,” said Dustin Koffler, CEO of Green Tank Technologies, a cannabis vaporizer producer.

Koffler is trying to find a way to keep the costs down for his company’s products.

“We have been working diligently with

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