Behind the Scenes With HiFi Farms: Cannabis Workspace

Name: Lee Henderson

Location: Portland, Ore./Hillsboro, Ore.

Title: Co-Founder/Brand Communications Manager, HiFi Farms

One word to describe your cultivation style: Scientifically retro

Cultivation type: Indoor and light-dep greenhouse

Can you share a bit of your background and how you and your company got to the present day?

My partners and I started the company four years ago. … We’ve been in business since summer of 2014, … when we founded the company. We started off as a relatively humble medical grow and quickly realized that we were pretty good at what we did. We were very lucky. We saw some early success as the industry was beginning to form and come into its own as recreational cannabis—we were at the advent of recreational cannabis here in Oregon.

We do events for the public that are consumption-friendly. HiFi Farms, we’re a very music- and culture-focused brand, so we’ve done a lot of [events] around getting people

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