The Best Marijuana Vaporizer Settings For Terpenes

Terpenes are compounds produced by a variety of plants, as well as some insects. They have strong odors and are often used by plants for protection, as well as to attract predators of pests. Terpenes and Terpenoids are produced from resin in plants, including cannabis. Terpenes are used by nearly every living creature to form new cells and create new chemicals.

Terpenes are found in many essential oils and are theorized to be a large part of the beneficial effects of aromatherapy. Cannabis contains many terpenes that through the “entourage effect” modify the effects of THC in the mind and body, as well as have therapeutic effects of their own.

Cannabis users with vaporizers have an opportunity to use their temperature settings to create vapor that is focused on specific terpenes. Vaping cannabis plant matter at the boiling point of the terpene desired will maximize the amount

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