Barriers to Baked Goods

Mike Appezzato has only been in business for a year, but he’s already uprooting his company to move it to Sacramento.  

It’s not that he hasn’t been successful in Oakland, where he and three co-founders originally launched GOOD CO-OP, a company that produces cannabis-infused edibles. Its take on the pot brownie was soon picked up by Eaze, the marijuana delivery giant serving California’s biggest cities, and received glowing coverage by several national media outlets. Appezzato attributes that success to high-end ingredients that make for better taste, consistent levels of cannabis that deliver a reliable high and sleek packaging to attract mainstream customers.

But he paused operations in Oakland last year and since then has been working on the move and renovating the company’s manufacturing space. Appezzato knew the California cannabis market was about to go through a huge upheaval, as the legalization of recreational weed would bring big costs to the

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