Seniors: Will legal weed loosen straight laces?

They were straight-laced kids during the Summer of Love, young people who wouldn’t or almost never smoked marijuana as it soaked into popular culture.

Now, those same aging baby boomers — who swore off or had no time for cannabis 50 years ago, even though others their age did — are seniors.

With legalization of marijuana only weeks away, will pot’s new status as a legal drug change the way seniors think about using it recreationally or for treating aches and pain?

According to the Canadian Science Policy Centre, the percentage of Ontarians older than 50 who used cannabis in the past year has nearly tripled during the last 10 years.

Wanda Morris, 57, a spokesperson for CARP, an advocacy group which represents 300,000 older Canadians, said they have in the past supported better access to medical marijuana for seniors.

Self-described as straight-laced in her youth, Morris said now that cannabis is going to be legalized,

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