Flying High: Canada Will Allow Marijuana on Domestic Flights

Photo via Brian Bukowski

Bringing your stash on vacation has never been an easy task, thanks to federal laws and international treaties prohibiting the possession of pot on airplanes. Creative stoners have brainstormed many unique ways to smuggle weed past the watchful eyes of airport security, but for Canadians, this problem is soon to be a thing of the past.

As of October 17th — the day that recreational cannabis officially becomes legal in Canada — any adult will be allowed to bring up to 30 grams of pot onto domestic flights, either in their carry-on bag or checked luggage. Transport Canada Minister Marc Garneau explained that while personal possession on domestic flights will be allowed, bringing any amount of pot (whether medical or recreational) outside of the country remains entirely illegal. 

“As long as the flight is domestic, then people are allowed

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