10 Questions With Ty Johnson of Eel River Organics

Certain plants, such as the orange daylily or the red valerian, require little to no water to flourish. Cannabis, however, is not one of them.

According to the February 2018 report by the California Growers Association, “An Emerging Crisis: Barriers to Entry in California Cannabis,” growers should calculate water use at “one gallon per pound of finished flower per irrigated day.” Consider that California produced 13.5 million pounds of marijuana in 2017 (according to the state Department of Food and Agriculture), and you’re looking at a huge water demand in a state that doesn’t have much to spare. But these numbers don’t affect grower Ty Johnson’s day-to-day operations—because he doesn’t give his plants any water at all. They rely on their natural environment.

Johnson is founder and chief cannabis officer of Eel River Organics in Humboldt County, Calif. Due to the farm’s unique geography, Eel

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