3 Key Factors for Safely Transitioning Plants

My name is Max, but you might know me by my alias, One Eye Max. I lost my eye at age 12 in a stick fight. In 1999, at the age of 16, I became one of the youngest licensed medical marijuana card holders in the United States. I have been growing cannabis legally ever since.

Today, I am the working owner and production manager at Aroma Cannabis, a Tier 2 Licensed cultivation facility located in Canby, Ore. We operate in a fully automated, commercial greenhouse that is roughly 12,000 square feet. We harvest about 1,600 plants every 30 days and have up to 9,000 plants in the greenhouse at any given time.

Learning to grow kind bud is crucial, but it’s a small piece of the pie. The years I spent cultivating prior to expanding into a larger-scale operation gave me great confidence, but working with my partners

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