This Company Says It’s Figured Out How to Perfect Weed Drinks

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

A couple years from now, the concept of “grabbing a drink” in Canada may have nothing to do with alcohol.

That’s because cannabis companies are investing heavily in THC and CBD infused beverages, and one biotechnology research company claims it has the technology to create the ideal cannabis drink.

Weed edibles in Canada aren’t going to be legal for another year at least—but when that time comes, many predict edibles will eat up a huge chunk of the recreational market. A Deloitte report from June found that six out of ten consumers are expected to choose edible cannabis products. In August, Constellation Brands, home of Corona beer, announced it was investing $5 billion [$4 billion USD] in Canadian licensed producer Canopy, while Molson Coors Canada is partnering with Quebec LP Hydropothecary Corporation to develop cannabis drinks. Coca-Cola is also in talks with

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